Chevy Small Block Carbureted Black Aluminum Dual Plane Air Gap Intake Manifold

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Producing power and torque comparable to single-plane manifolds, TSP's dual-plane air gap intake manifold retains the driveability and throttle response like other dual-planes and performs best between 1,500 and 6,500 rpm. Its improved design is complimented by an open area under the plenum. This feature ensures less heat transfer from the engine, meaning the air/fuel charge will be cooler and produce more power and torque. It is cast from lightweight aluminum and features a relatively low profile for great hood clearance. Additional provisions include dual distributor hold-downs, 4 corner water ports, nitrous bosses, and a square bore carburetor flange.

  • Fits 1955-1986 Chevy small block engines
  • Features dual-plane air-gap design with a black finish