Matt Karathanas

11 June, 2018

On sale this week: two Pro Series Pro Billet TSP distributors.

TSP’s Pro Series Pro Billet Distributor is for the racer who needs added spark and precision for their high performance power plant. It features a high quality, fully adjustable mechanical advance and an accurate magnetic pick-up trigger. The CNC-machined aluminum body and hardened steel shaft, guided by a sealed ball bearing on top and a sintered steel bushing on the bottom, ensure stability up to 10,000 RPM. The distributor can be locked out and features solid brass terminals, a slip collar, and a color-matched wire retainer.

On Sale This Week

  1. TSP_GM_CS130_160_Amp_Alternator_Chrome_Serpentine

    GM CS130 Style 160 Amp Alternator with Serpentine Pulley

    Part Number: ES1006

    TSP's alternators are a great addition to your engine, whether it’s for the great look or the reliable, high-amperage output. This alternator produces 160 amps, which is a significant jump above stock. It is perfect for vehicles with a lot of accessories and equipment and is perfect for hot rod or muscle car applications. It can be wired with a one-wire or three-wire set-up.

    • Internally regulated, serpentine pulley
    • 160 amp output
    • Commonly used in GM vehicles from 1985-1993
    • 1-Year Warranty
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Fire up your Ford or Pontiac with a Pro Series Pro Billet distributor from TSP.



  • 3.6 L / 221 in3
  • 4.3 L / 260 in3
  • 4.7 L / 289 in3
  • 4.9 L / 302 in3 commonly referred to as 5.0 L



  • 4.9 L / 301 in3 (1977-1979)
  • 5.3 L / 326 in3
  • 5.7 L / 350 in3 (1968-1977)
  • 6.4 L / 389 in3
  • 6.6 L / 400 in3
  • 6.9 L / 421 in3
  • 7.0 L / 428 in3
  • 7.5 L / 455 in3

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