We are happy to announce that Top Street Performance is now a member of the SEMA Data Co-op, or SDC. The SDC is a product data-sharing platform with PIES and ACES standards and data validation. It also allows us to offer unlimited data exports to any authorized SEMA members, or Receivers, in a variety of formats, from a simple spreadsheet to PIES and ACES ready XML.

We have made our initial upload and have achieved a bronze level certification – SDC grades each supplier on the amount of data they have available for each product. We look to quickly reach a silver level, and gold after that. The ultimate goal is to reach a platinum level and complete full ACES application mapping. At Top Street Performance, our customers come first. We recognize that in today’s world, information is power, and we want our customers to have all of the information they need to distribute our quality products in any medium.

Learn more about the SEMA Data Co-op here.