TSP's new Pro Series Pro Billet distributor is available in red and black

Matt Karathanas

18 October, 2018

TSP’s Pro Series Pro Billet Distributor is for the racer who needs added spark and precision for their high performance power plant, and the low-profile version is no exception. The CNC-machined aluminum body and hardened steel shaft, guided by a sealed ball bearing on top and a sintered steel bushing on the bottom, ensure stability up to 10,000 RPM. An important feature on all Top Street Performance Pro Series distributors is the fully adjustable mechanical advance. This allows you to easily modify the distributor to achieve a variety of timing curves. Included are four bushings of varied size. The bushing determines the mechanical advance the distributor can achieve. Also included are six springs, with two at each level of tension. The springs control the rate at which the distributor reaches the advance.


This new low-profile distributor features a re-designed housing and cap. Measuring less than 5" from the mounting surface to the top, the overall height is significantly less than a standard high-performance distributor, and the crab-style cap connects the spark plug wires horizontally, thus freeing up even more space. So, whatever carb, intake, or blower set-up you're looking to install, TSP's new low-profile Pro Series Pro Billet distributor makes it a piece of cake.

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