TSP Featured Product Series Volume 5: Pro Series Ignition Kits

Matt Karathanas

9 June, 2017

The first thing that comes to mind for anyone familiar with TSP is ignition. We've made a name for ourselves by offering high-performance distributors and more at affordable prices. In this month's video, we focus on our Pro Series ignition kits.

The key component of these kits is of course the Pro Series distributor. With a housing CNC machined from lightweight billet aluminum and hardened steel internal construction, it is reliable, durable, and designed for a perfect and precise fit. Each distributor comes equipped with an adjustable mechanical advance, magnetic pick-up trigger, brass terminals, and a dielectric cap. It is available in two forms: Pro Series Pro Billet and Pro Series Ready to Run.

The Pro Series Pro Billet distributor can be found in our Power Pack Ignition Kit. Along with the distributor, you'll get TSP's digital CDI ignition box and e-core ignition coil. The box is equipped with an adjustable rev limiter, and the coil puts out a huge 50,000 volts. Both come encased in easy-to-mount, lightweight billet aluminum housings.

Ignition kits available in multiple styles.

TSP's got ignition kits for many applications.

For an easier set-up, the Pro Series Ready to Run is where it's at. It comes with an internal digital circuit board module, which eliminates the need for any external ignition control - such as a CDI box. It's also equipped with a vacuum advance for added versatility. In the Pro Series Ready to Run kit, you'll also get TSP canister-style coil, which uses the classic design, and boosts it's performance to put out 45,000 volts.


Check out the video below to see all the benefits of TSP's Pro Series distributors and ignition kits, and check out our previous videos for more featured products. We'll be back once again next month to highlight some of things we've got in the way of LS.

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