TSP Featured Product Series Volume 4: Aluminum Radiator Kits

Matt Karathanas

1 May, 2017

May is here, and summer is coming. That means it's time to start making sure your car is ready for higher temperatures. Well, TSP's got you covered. We've got a/c compressors, trans coolers, accessories, and last month's video showed off our high-flow water pumps. With this month's video, we're highlighting our radiators, fans, and shrouds - now available in complete kits.

The core component (see what I did there?) of this kit is the universal radiator, constructed completely from lightweight aluminum. It features a crossflow design with two rows of 1" tubes, and a 17 fin/in2 core, providing excellent cooling. It is completely TIG welded for superior strength and comes complete with the drain plug.

Provided with this radiator kit is an aluminum fan shroud. It is custom designed to fit our radiator and fan. Something often lost on people is that when you're driving fast, a solid fan shroud does more harm than good, as it basically stops a large amount of air from naturally flowing through the radiator. TSP remedies this with rubber flaps, which open at high speeds.


TSP's got universal radiators for Chevy, Ford, and Mopar.

While TSP offers a range of cooling fans, differing in size and flow rate, we've designed our fan shrouds with two specific units in mind. For our single-fan shroud, we went for the 16" Pro Series fan. Our Pro Series line of fans features one-piece construction, reversible s-shaped blades, and our 16" fan puts out 1,300 CFM of air. For maximum airflow, we've designed the dual-fan shroud for our 11" Pro Flow fan. Through its high-powered motor and deep shroud design, it puts out 1,400 CFM per fan for a total of 2,800 CFM for the kit.


Check out the video below to see all the benefits of TSP's radiator kits and components, and check out our previous videos for more featured products. We'll be back once again next month to highlight some of our premium electronic distributors.

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