TSP Featured Product Series Volume 3: Water Pumps

Matt Karathanas

1 April, 2017

We continue our monthly video series today, highlighting the top-of-the-line high-flow water pumps available from TSP. Cast from A356-T6 aluminum, all our pumps are lightweight and disperse heat more efficiently than cast iron pumps. They are available for a variety of applications and in multiple finishes, in both mechanical and electric.

TSP's Mechanical water pumps feature only the best components. It starts with a 1/2" crank hub for sturdy mounting to the pulley. Internally, its 8-blade, cast aluminum anti-cavitation impeller helps these pumps flow at about 40% greater than stock, and the impeller shaft is supported by heavy duty bearings and seals to guarantee long-lasting reliability. They're available in multiple finishes and for many applications, including reverse rotation if you're planning on running a serpentine set-up on a small block Chevy.

TSP's premium high-flow water pumps, available in mechanical and electric.

TSP's water pumps are not only great for performance. They look fantastic too!

Electric water pumps from TSP flow at a high rate but operate completely differently than their mechanical counterparts. Instead of being driven by the engine, the pump is powered by your 12v electrical system. It flows at 35 gpm consistently, regardless of engine speed. Many believe electric pumps are better suited for drag racers than traditional mechanical pumps. This is because while a mechanical pump's flow would slow dramatically with the engine after your run, an electric pump keeps going. So, while it won't flow at the rate of a mechanical pump at 6,000 RPM, it will still flow at maximum capacity when you've slowed to 1,500, thus cooling your engine down faster. And because it operates on its own, it won't drag any horsepower from your engine the way a mechanical pump would.


So we hope you like the video, and we hope you learn why TSP's water pumps are the best available for the price. As always, be sure to return this time next month where we'll be showing off some more of TSP's excellent products. On tap for May: radiators kits, including cooling fans and shrouds.

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