TSP Featured Product Series Volume 2: Starters & Alternators

Matt Karathanas

1 March, 2017

Last month we began a new venture, our Featured Product video series, with the hopes of making available more information about the quality products here at TSP. February's featured product was our HEI distributor, and we were very pleased with how the video turned out and the excellent response we saw. This month we follow it up with video #2 for March 2017's featured products: starters and alternators.

TSP offers starters and alternators in multiple styles for several applications, but we have chosen to highlight just a few. Our newest starters are the efficient Nippon Denso style. Their superior design means that while their motors put out only 1.9 horsepower, they produce more torque than the 3.0 HP option. We've got them in red and black for three applications:

  • JM7007: Chevy Small Block & Big Block V8
  • JM7008: Oldsmobile/Pontiac V8
  • JM7009: GM LSX V8

TSP electrical 360° spin.

Round 'n' round they go.

As with our starters, we've got alternators available for many applications, from the tried and true hot-rod style 10SI to the Ford 1G. Our video features two in particular. First, there's the CS130, the style used by GM for much of the 80s and 90s. With dimensions similar to the 10SI, it is incredibly popular - which is why we offer so many variations. The second featured in the video is the Denso-style "mini" alternator. While it puts out only 90 amps, it's best feature is its size. It's a marvel that a 90 amp alternator, with an internal fan and regulator, fits in such a small housing. While it is of course available in chrome, because it was essentially designed for racing, it's available in a lower-cost satin finish as well.

  • ES1002: GM CS130 Style 110 Amp for V-belt
  • ES1003: GM CS130 Style 110 Amp for Serpentine
  • ES1005: GM CS130 Style 160Amp for V-belt
  • ES1006: GM CS130 Style 160 Amp for Serpentine
  • ES1022: GM CS130 Style 220 Amp for V-belt
  • ES1026: GM CS130 Style 220 Amp for Serpentine
  • ES1004: Denso Style "Mini" for V-belt


Again as part of our feature product series, we will have a month-long sale on all TSP starters and alternators. For the entire month of March, they will be 10% off, and as always, you’ll also get free shipping for every qualifying order over $100.00. We hope you enjoy the video. And be sure to come back in April for Part III, where we'll be talking about our high-flow water pumps.