TSP Featured Product Series Volume 1: HEI Distributor

Matt Karathanas

1 February, 2017

Here at TSP, we are proud of the large selection of high-quality performance parts we have available, and it is our goal to make sure anyone who is interested in our products knows exactly what they’re buying. To further that point, starting February 2017, we will be utilizing our amateur – extremely amateur – filmmaking skills to bring you a new monthly video series, featuring a different product or product line every month. For our first “Featured Product” video, we have chosen our HEI distributor.

Behind the scenes. Distributors love the spotlight

Distributors love the spotlight. The red Chevy is a bit of a diva.

While we offer a very wide range of items covering many different categories, we are perhaps most well-known for some of our earliest offerings - electronic distributors. The HEI is just one of the many types of premium distributors we have available. With its 65,000-volt coil and one-wire hookup, it is ideal for increased performance and simple installation. As with all our product lines, we are always looking to increase availability and application coverage. In fact, we currently have in the works a new HEI distributor for the Chrysler Firepower (Hemi) 392, and we don’t plan on stopping there.

BROWSE TSP's HEI DISTRIBUTORS | 10% off all month long

As part of our new product series, we will be offering corresponding discounts all month long. For the entire month of February, all TSP HEI distributors will be 10% off, and as always, you’ll also get free shipping for every qualifying order over $100.00. We hope you enjoy our video and see for yourself the quality and performance our HEI distributors provide. And be sure to come back on the 1st of every month for a new feature product.