Introducing TSP Product Bundles

Matt Karathanas

30 August, 2019

Browse BUNDLE AND SAVE Options Now Available

At TSP we’re always trying to think of ways to get more people to discover the great products we offer, and if we can save them some money in the process, it’s a win-win. Our latest initiative will do just that. With our new Bundle and Save program, TSP has put together kits combining some of our best products, all designed to simplify whatever project you’re working on. Our jumping off point was ignition. The first bundles we’ve put together are centered around the Pro Series Pro Billet, Pro Series Ready to Run, and HEI distributors. Included with the distributor will be components that will help get the job done, and by ordering them together, we’re able to offer a discount of up to 10%.

Ignition kits available in multiple styles.

TSP's got ignition kits for many applications.

Here’s an example. Say you wanted to upgrade the old points set-up on your big block Buick with a high-voltage HEI. You’re going to need cables, and you’ll want to address the spark plug wires. With our kit you’ll not only get our premium HEI distributor, complete with 65,000 V coil and ignition control module. You’ll also get a choice of one or two-piece cable, and a full set of our top-of-the-line, 8.5mm spark plug wires. Choose from multiple cap colors, wire colors and boot angles, whichever combination fits best your set-up best. The pricing in this case would break down as such:

JM6525 Buick Big Block HEI Distributor: $140.00
JM6933 One-Piece HEI Pigtail: $6.66
85080 TSP Universal Ignition Wires: $37.78

Total Price Purchased Individually: $184.44


With savings like that, it’s really a no-brainer. Be sure to check back in the weeks to come, as we’ll be adding new discounted bundles regularly. But for now, head on over and check out all our current bundles now available.

Browse BUNDLE AND SAVE Options Now Available

We’ve curated ignition bundles for:

Chevy Small Block
Chevy Big Block
Chevy 348/409 Big Block
Chevy V6
Chevy Inline 6
Chevy Corvair Flat 6
Ford Small Block 289/302
Ford Small Block EFI to Carb Conversion
Ford Small Block 351W
Ford Big Block
Ford 351C
Ford 351M and 400
Ford FE
Ford Flathead
Ford Y-Block
Ford Inline 6
Mopar Small Block
Mopar Big Block and Hemi
Chrysler FirePower Hemi
Jeep and AMC V8
Jeep and AMC Inline 6
Buick Small Block
Buick Big Block
Buick Nailhead
Oldsmobile V8
Pontiac V8
Cadillac V8
Sutebaker V8
Volkswagen Bug Inline 4

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